Dave & Matthew


So great to see the progress every time my son has a lesson with Jeff. 

A working musician, with the gift of teaching. Better than School of Rock! 

-Dave & Matthew. 

Marty - Fort Lee, NJ

"The great thing about Jeff Mott is that he is both a great bass player/musician and great teacher.  A very rare combination.  If you need to see a technique demonstrated, Jeff has the skill and experience to do so expertly.  If you need it described, Jeff's excellent communication skills will allow you to understand bass techniques easily.  If you want to learn electric bass from the top teacher in the New Jersey area, you needn't look further than Jeff Mott" 

Irene - Franklin Lakes, NJ

  I have been taking bass lessons with Jeff for 3 years. I had other teachers and made very little progress. I can honestly say that Jeff's knowledge, teaching style, band experience and technique are nothing short of awesome! He is a consummate professional who can transfer an unlimited amount of instruction in technique, theory and just plain old 'how to play'. I recommend Jeff as a bass instructor for beginners and experienced players, who may have the need to freshen or learn new bass skills.   Irene  -  Franklin Lakes, NJ  

Jeffrey Dreifus - Fairlawn, NJ


I’ve been playing bass for 5 years. For the last 4 years I have been a student of Jeff Mott. He has taken me to a level I never thought possible. He prepares me for auditions as well as helping me with the purchase of numerous basses and amps. As a professional musician, he has the knowledge and experience to help with stage set up, acoustics and performance protocol. He has always made time for me as my schedule is not always the same. My biggest thrill was performing with my amateur band at the same show as his band, Black Dog. What an honor for me. He is not just my bass teacher; he is my mentor and friend as well. Take a lesson with him, you will not regret it.      

Jeffrey Dreifus  -  Fairlawn, NJ 

Harvey L. - NYC


The first time I saw Jeff perform I knew right then and there that this was "the ultimate bass-man" I followed his bands around, always standing on his side of stage, to try and pick up a few pointers. When I found out that he was also a bass instructor I immediately reached out and started a lesson plan. Although I have played guitar since childhood learning from Jeff changed my life. For the past two years I have formed a band and we are all having the times of our lives. I owe it all to Jeff. He is patient, kind and never made me once feel that I was not his equal. You will not find a better instructor or human being on the face of the earth. He has truly become one of my best friends and changed me forever. Thank you Mr. Mott.          

Harvey L.  -  NY

Tammy & Tom Harrington

 Jeff Rocks!!!! Our son Doug is 13 years old and takes Bass lessons with Jeff. He is the type of kid that doesn't want to stick to anything. Every sport he wanted to quit and we even did guitar lessons that only lasted a month or so. Not the case with Jeff! He has been jamming with Jeff for around 6 months and hates to miss a lesson! He says Jeff makes learning to play Bass fun and exciting. He never gets bored. He says Jeff plays with him and teaches by example rather than just telling him what to do. Jeff gets very involved, which in turn gets Doug very involved in the lesson and the learning process. He picks up very quickly on what Jeff is teaching him and we feel it is completely do to Jeff's awesome teaching methods. Jeff is someone my son looks up to and is a terrific role model for him, especially being in the music world, where sometimes, as we see, role models are hard to find. Doug strives to be just like him and we couldn't be prouder or happier to trust Jeff with teaching our son how to play bass.  Thanks Jeff...you rock!!!             Tammy & Tom Harrington